SimaPay: An Interview with Marketing Director, Maria de los Angeles Sanchez

In the constantly changing and future forward world of technology solutions, Simapay aims to not only be wireless dealer-friendly, but also a cost-effective solution to a vendor-guided industry. As the #1 H20 Master Agent Nationwide, Simapay provides a cost effective and flexible solution to the existing marketplace, offering discounted prices on cell phones, H20 Bundle Handsets, and SIM Cards, and more.

Many distributors in the market require bulk orders, which creates a disparity amongst the dealers that can and cannot afford to do so. In this interview, Simapay Marketing Director, Maria de los Angeles Sanchez, explains that Simapay’s main initiative as a Wireless Distributor and Cellphone Wholesaler is to “further dealers’ success.” She explains the ways in which she and the company have worked to do so. With Simapay, this vendor guided model is not only eradicated, but a steady additional income stream is created through the H20 Activation Portal, now called H2O Direct Now. This allows vendors to order based on the customer, rather than the overarching need to purchase in bulk—meeting the needs of all, not some.

Read the full interview below to learn more about the appeal of Simapay as a Wireless Distributor for dealers, what distinguishes them as an ideal alternative to others, and future plans they have on the horizon.

1. Was there an initial problem within the marketplace that sparked the idea?

The initial problems within the marketplace that Simapay identified and is working to provide solutions for are the lack of freedom and flexibility, as well as being guided by dealers. Simapay is not guided by vendors, and instead is guided by customers—meaning that the dealer can buy any number of Cell phones or SIM cards we offer, and have them delivered next day. There is no requirement to buy in bulk, providing dealers with flexibility and an affordable solution to meet customer needs.

We understand that inventory can get pricey in bulk, so we introduce a cost-friendly solution for all wireless dealers, even if they are exclusive to a distributor, they are still able to purchase sim cards or lines that work nationwide without the territorial restrictions typically present when exclusivity deals are in place. With competitors, you are not allowed the similar freedoms, given the sim card with exclusivity is restricted by territory. But, H2O sim cards can be activated and used on any unlocked cell phone nationwide.

2. What is the goal you are trying to achieve through your servicing?/ How can Simapay be beneficial to a cellphone Dealer?

Simapay’s main goal is to further dealers’ success. As the distributor, our appeal to dealers is the flexibility we offer to meet the needs of all, regardless of working capital. We do the investment for you. Being dealer friendly, we also provide an additional stream of income for dealers when activating lines with us through H2O portal HDN,

With the amount of times that the average human spends on their phone, in conjunction with the fast pace of the market—with new models constantly being revealed—Simapay seeks to provide dealers with the necessary cellphone inventory at the best cost to best serve their customers while continuing to grow together as the distributor.

3. What makes Simapay an ideal alternative to the traditional contract-based wireless services?

What makes Simapay the ideal alternative to the traditional contract-based wireless services is our flexibility. While most services in the market are prepaid, SimaPay is the #1 H20 Master Agent Nationwide, saving dealers the hefty costs of ordering in bulk while providing a way for wireless dealers to actually increase income. The H20 instant payment and activation portal allows dealers to activate lines and receive commissions in real time.

Additionally, where most competitors in the market require exclusivity deals, Simapay provides dealers the opportunity to carry their products and activate their services as a main product or an alternative. As a main product, it is ideal for vendors as you are able to keep your line and pay as you wish, rather than constantly having to reactivate a new line and change numbers in doing so.

However, as a dealer-friendly distributor, Simapay also allows dealers to use it as an alternative.

4. What products are specifically supported by Simapay?

Simapay offers a variety of products and services. As a Handset Distributor, we not only carry the same brand name phones—such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and more—but at the best prices. The same goes for the H2O Wireless services and plans. With: unlimited data talk and text, international text, international talk, auto pay discounts, and nationwide 4G LTE coverage plans at such a low rate, as well as a number of our other monthly unlimited plans, starting at $20.00 and Pay As You Go Plans, H20 Wireless truly has an affordable plan for any budget.

We also offer Broadband and Unlimited prices at the same cost, allowing us to make these products and services provided less of a luxury and more of an affordable standard.

5. Why is now the perfect time for Wireless Dealers to join Simapay?/ What is the main benefit of Simapay that sets it apart from competitors?

It is the perfect time for Dealers to use Simapay because we are dealer driven, stable, and with our affordable, pay as you go plans, we remove the uncertainty of the market. With other distributors in the industry, market uncertainty can have a tremendous impact as it evolves. Simapay, on the other hand avoids that entirely given its offered flexibility, affordable pay-as-you go plans, and nationwide coverage.

6. Do you plan to offer no-contract solutions across additional products beyond those offered currently?

Yes. We also introduced a Bolt Wi-Fi router that operates similarly as the phones—using a H2O sim card to provide an affordable internet solution to those who are less likely to be able to afford a traditional plan. With plans starting at $20.00, all people can have access to internet, regardless of their income levels.

Given our flexibility when it comes to allowing dealers to purchase as needed rather than in bulk, we have also introduced accessories, such as phone cases, to allow dealers to purchase corresponding cases with the phones to capitalize on the convenience of purchasing both at the same time.

7. What is on the horizon as far as the future of Simapay?

As far as the future of Simapay, there are, of course, plans on the horizon as we continue to grow and expand our networks of dealers, inventory offered and services we can provide—especially in such a rapidly evolving market. However, given the current climate, it has been crucial for SimaPay to maintain a focus on what is on the horizon in the everchanging market, while also identifying opportunities to continue effectively aiding dealers’ success while accommodate for the current global pandemic and uncertainties that come along with it.