Simapay: Your Questions, Answered

As the #1 H2O Master Agent Nationwide, Simapay helps to provide the best prices on Phones, H20 Bundle Handsets, SIM Cards and more, focusing on eradicating barriers to entry for all dealers. Being dealer-centric, Simapay provides dealer support, quick shipping, and removes all of the hassle brought on by traditional agents. Carrying a wide variety of brands, products, and plans, we make sure the dealers get paid, inventory is stocked, and customers are satisfied. While we are constantly innovating as the market changes, we leave no room for confusion.

In the interview below, we spoke with Manny Sanchez, head of sales at Simapay to discuss the most frequently asked questions and provide the answers.


What are the most frequently asked questions from your dealers?

Simapay is a National Authorized Master agent for H2O Wireless / Locus Communications. We devote our attention to these MVNO brands. H2O Wireless has the most complete plans in the industry to fit every pocket, budget and consumers around the United States. H2O Wireless uses AT&T network and this makes it a major player in the market due to excellent reception nationwide. Our most affordable plan is $20.00 a month and it offers unlimited calling, unlimited texting, unlimited international calling to 70 countries and unlimited data with the first 2GB at LTE Speeds. Another popular plan is the $50 plan with the same features of the $20 plan but customers get up to 24GB of LTE data, then unlimited data at 128kps. We help our nationwide independent wireless store owners get signed up with h2O and their main question is if the H2O branded phones are unlocked to other brands they carry. The majority of our devices are GSM unlocked for plug-and-play SIM cards, we guarantee our devices will work with H2O Wireless. Every retailer gets training from A to Z on our brands and how to activate, review activation spiffs, phones, port-ins, purchases and overall product knowledge.


What areas do your retailers need the most help with?

We encourage our retailers to dedicate 10-15 minutes to review the commission reports with our sales consultants. I will agree, the reports are different from other companies but we can explain step by step how to read these reports. In addition to this, we provide the support to ensure that they are knowledgeable on the technical of the brand such as APN settings, handset data configuration to ensure they are able to do it on their own.


How can we support your dealer sales?

We have monthly incentives for retailers such as free sim cards for qualifying retailers, free FEDEX ground shipping is included for phone device purchases. We continuously work to innovate and bring new ideas to increment our retailers' business. We carry an array of H2O bundled phones with super low prices, these bundled phones come with either a $20 plan included or a $40 plan included. Plus 2nd and 3rd months extra commission on selected devices. This offer puts us ahead of many competing brands such as Metro by TMobile, Cricket, Boost Mobile, Simple Mobile, Net10, Ultra, Lyca mobile. Simply put, we pay more. Each committed retailer can make double the profits by focusing on H2O Wireless.


What can we add to website portal?

The Simapay portal is a self-service portal that allows verified and approved retailers to purchase unlocked phones, SIM cards, accessories and tablets. We are looking to add filters to purchase by price, add our daily specials on the front page, also looking into the opportunity to add international long distance carriers, retailer notifications for new arrivals, accessories, shipping specials.